About the Perl Shop

Jelled, Experienced Team

The Perl Shop is led by managing developers who have worked together for 25 years, have over a half-century of combined experience developing software, and have worked with Perl since the early 1990’s. They adopted Agile techniques in the early 2000’s, when Agile was first emerging as a best practice, in order to improve the predictability of their development process. Since then, they’ve worked with clients from coast to coast, and refining communication systems to make this run smoothly, in order to accommodate clients located anywhere in the world.

The team is well connected with the Perl developer community and can use these connections to expand the resources available to a project as needed.

Meet the Managing Developers

Tom Metro is founder and Chief Consultant at The Perl Shop. He has been providing software consulting services since 1991 for companies ranging from startups to large enterprises, like Digital Equipment Corporation and Ticketmaster. Currently specializing in agile software development using open source technologies, such as object oriented Perl, MySQL, and JavaScript on medium to large scale web-based applications. As Director of Software Development at WebEvent, Inc., Tom managed a team of 6 developers and several consultants working on a family of 4 commercially released software products through 7 major release cycles and numerous maintenance cycles. Tom also is involved in numerous open source projects, such as MySQL, Firefox, MythTV, Debian, Ubuntu, numerous Perl libraries, and volunteers for local open source related organizations, such as Boston Linux/UNIX user group, Boston Perl Mongers, and North East Perl Workshop.

Tim King is Lead Developer at The Perl Shop. Tim got his start writing real-time embedded software for high-speed centrifuges the 1980’s and went on to do embedded software for Kurzweil Music Systems and Avid Technology. He has been developing for the web since the web existed, and brings discipline and skills honed from embedded systems to enterprise software. His expertise is in designing for software quality, achieved through automated code testing, test-first development, and risk managed refactoring, all through an agile process. This approach naturally lends itself to working with legacy code, such as successfully and safely refactoring a 465-line legacy function used in a video streaming application into a structurally sound design. Or designing for maintainability, through cleanly layered architectures, like a web service that can handle multiple RPC protocols using a common controller and a thin view layer, that can easily be supplemented to handle additional protocols. Tim is skilled in Perl, JavaScript, and other programming languages, in Internet protocols, in SQL, and is familiar with the internals of a variety of open source applications. Tim also writes and performs music, and has authored and published a number of inspirational books.