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We offer two consulting options,
depending on your project and circumstances…

Managed Consulting

We provide managed software development services. This means we don’t simply provide consultants. We manage the entire development process to the extent you need, from requirements through delivery, and we internally manage the resources necessary to achieve your goals.

Every project will generally have at least two consultants assigned to it, with at least one being a senior developer who will provide oversight. This also insures continuity if a consultant is momentarily not available or reassigned, and facilitates peer code reviews and in some cases pair programming.

We develop software using agile techniques and scrum project management. We are strong believers in automated unit and system testing, and often employ test driven development.

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Not convinced we’re the right fit for your project? Give us a try with our low-risk Express Consulting option.

Express Consulting

Need help fast? Don’t want to wait for your lawyers to draft and review consulting contracts? Want to try us out before making a commitment for a larger project?

With express consulting you can purchase a small quantity of consulting services by agreeing to a brief, plain English set of terms, and agreeing to pay by credit card when the deliverables are delivered. Order today and we could be solving your problems tomorrow!

This option is ideal for situations like:

  • trying out our services on a portion of a larger project
  • coding spike
  • code review
  • security audit
  • research reports (comparative library surveys)
  • technical challenge assistance
  • high-level architecture consultation

Express consulting is subject to availability, but we generally try and keep some time reserved in our schedule for this.

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Which is right for you?

  Managed Consulting Express Consulting
project size medium to large small
lead time larger projects may take weeks (or months) to fit into our schedule typically days
project management included not applicable
design oversight included optional
code reviews included optional
continuity at least two developers involved on every project to insure continuity optional
deliverables comprehensive typically a single item you specify
on-site meetings when required (travel costs extra) no
contract negotiated simple, one-page

Tell us about your project requirements

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