We offer an array of services to assist you in your Perl-development needs:

Software Development

When you need a team of senior Perl developers to hit the ground running on your project, The Perl Shop can handle your job. From classic outsourcing, where we manage the team and the technical aspects of the project, to augmenting your in-house team, we bring a team of Perl developers that each has 20+ years of experience, complementary skills, and a tuned Agile workflow. We have experience in a variety of technologies, including Moose, web services frameworks, database ORMs, and JavaScript.

For most businesses looking to get a Perl project built or maintained, or to accelerate development already under way, this is our recommended service.

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For businesses that already have technical management familiar with Perl, and are looking to staff up for medium- to long-running projects, The Perl Shop provides contract and permanent placement of Perl developers.

We qualify candidates using an interview process that emulates a real-world programming scenario, and we bring our expertise as software developers to evaluating the skills of the candidates. We’ll make sure that candidates are technically qualified for your needs, and you can focus on assessing their soft-skills, like cultural fit.

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Training and Coaching

The Perl Shop offers both traditional group training as well as individualized coaching in Perl and related technologies. Training is a conventional classroom-style experience, while coaching has one of our coaches work alongside one of your developers for a few hours per day in a peer-coding setting, working on that developer’s assigned work. The skills the coach imparts are customized to what the manager wants and what that individual developer needs. We’ve found coaching to be the fastest way to impart knowledge and have it stick.

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