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Be your Perl subcontractor

Too busy to build and manage another team of developers for a new opportunity? Or perhaps you are working on a mixed technology project, and your expertise lies in Java, Ruby, or Python, and you need someone else to handle the portion that requires interfacing to a Perl library, open-source, or legacy application.

Outsource the project to us. We can supplement your organization, without adding the burden of training and managing more people, cutting into your profits.

  • Additional billing for a project you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take on.

  • Developers that can self-manage, and are experienced in dealing with clients.

  • Supplement your expertise to take on more complex projects or ones you wouldn’t qualify for, in areas such as business workflow automation, web services, web-based software (including UI/UX design), and data-processing software.

  • We’ll utilize your branding (company name) in client communications and respect your client relationships.

  • Ability to work remotely and accurately bill for time spent.