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Customize an open source Perl application

Do you have an open-source Perl application—like Bugzilla, Twiki, or WebGUI—that has been working great for you, but doesn’t perfectly address your needs? Fortunately, you can extend many of these applications with add-on plug-ins. But what do you do when no one has created a plug-in for the feature you want? What if the application’s plug-in capabilities won’t even support the feature you need?

Let us handle the tech, you handle your business.

  • Reduce costs and increase sales with custom plug-ins or patches that improves your operational efficiency or add new capabilities you can offer to your customers.

  • In most cases, we can offer a solution that doesn’t prevent you from installing future updates from the upstream project.

  • Support contract available for ongoing maintenance.

  • Apply the same expertise we use for maintaining legacy applications.