Software Development

Build a new Perl application

Whether you’re looking to expand in-house development resources, to deliver solutions to needs that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to address, or to develop new software and systems to take your startup to the next stage, you can do it with no additional HR budget needed. Minimize the burden by outsourcing to a self-managed development team, instead of hiring individual contractors.

  • We can manage the software-development process through its entire lifecycle, from inception through to ongoing maintenance.

  • Outsource without the risk and hassle of building a team from scratch.

  • Because of our agile approach and fluid documentation practices, product knowledge can be handed off to in-house personnel at any stage

  • … and with fewer surprises, and fewer unexpected cost and schedule overruns.

  • Use our infrastructure, or have us integrate into yours. We have worked with a variety of Perl systems and tools, libraries and frameworks, and languages.

We work with startups!

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand the passions and pressures of building a startup. Let us help you:

  • Take your startup to the next level.

  • Build the prototype you need to get your next round of funding.

  • Develop your new software product, or build your startup’s back-office systems, without the cost and commitment associated with hiring and managing a team.

  • Put your risks where they belong, with the market, and not with the development process.

Maintain your legacy Perl application

Do you need to keep existing critical systems running, while not distracting your in-house developers from new development? Are you afraid to touch your old code because no one  understands it any longer, and you fear you’ll break it? We can maintain and enhance your legacy Perl application, safely and predictably, despite the vast unknowns of the existing system.

  • Keep your existing system running smoothly while containing costs.

  • We have experience safely refactoring legacy code to improve robustness. Rigorous automated testing allows us to work with messy legacy systems without breaking them.

  • Deliver quick fixes and must-have enhancements to legacy systems with minimal distraction of your in-house developers.

  • Your existing infrastructure remains operational, while still meeting limited new feature requirements.

  • Improve the stability of the product and devops ability to manage the running application.

  • Migrate from legacy systems to replacement systems without relied-upon functionality breaking or disappearing.

And as you phase out your legacy systems, we can work with your development team to facilitate porting of legacy functionality to your new system.

Customize an open source Perl application

Do you have an open-source Perl application—like Bugzilla, Twiki, or WebGUI—that has been working great for you, but doesn’t perfectly address your needs? Fortunately, you can extend many of these applications with add-on plug-ins. But what do you do when no one has created a plug-in for the feature you want? What if the application’s plug-in capabilities won’t even support the feature you need?

Let us handle the tech, you handle your business.

  • Reduce costs and increase sales with custom plug-ins or patches that improves your operational efficiency or add new capabilities you can offer to your customers.

  • In most cases, we can offer a solution that doesn’t prevent you from installing future updates from the upstream project.

  • Support contract available for ongoing maintenance.

  • Apply the same expertise we use for maintaining legacy applications.

Be your Perl subcontractor

Too busy to build and manage another team of developers for a new opportunity? Or perhaps you are working on a mixed technology project, and your expertise lies in Java, Ruby, or Python, and you need someone else to handle the portion that requires interfacing to a Perl library, open-source, or legacy application.

Outsource the project to us. We can supplement your organization, without adding the burden of training and managing more people, cutting into your profits.

  • Additional billing for a project you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take on.

  • Developers that can self-manage, and are experienced in dealing with clients.

  • Supplement your expertise to take on more complex projects or ones you wouldn’t qualify for, in areas such as business workflow automation, web services, web-based software (including UI/UX design), and data-processing software.

  • We’ll utilize your branding (company name) in client communications and respect your client relationships.

  • Ability to work remotely and accurately bill for time spent.